Light Under Water
Reflective Landscapes of Nowhere

R.A.I.G. Accessory Takes, 2008

Reflective Landscapes of Nowhere
Рецензия веб-зина MADZ

Рецензии западных СМИ:
Рецензия сайта Far From Moscow

  1. At dawn (the lilac sun)
  2. Halfway down the well (marengo version)
  3. The cinnamon caesar (live)
  4. Instant velocity (live)

Dima T. Pilot - guitars, noises
Nick Zavriev - keyboards
A.B. - guitars, noises

Tracks 1-2 were recorded & Mixed at Pri-Zvuk Studio, Moscow (winter/2008)

Tracks 3-4 were recorded on May 29/2008 at Strangel club (Moscow)
Engineering & sound production by Karl & Dima T. Pilot
Photos by SaVa
Artwork by Artem Tarasov

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